Access Controller


  • Linux/Intel based architecture
  • Support for dial-up and IP enabled terminals
  • Simple implementation

AccessControllerAccessControllerMessages are passed as-is, system doesn’t require implementation of the protocols used by the terminals
Routing rules controlled through TPDU header or string pattern matching (Perl regular expressions)

  • Robust operations

System operates from RAM disk with disk backup of critical elements
Flash disk eliminates the need for conventional hard disk
No database
Self-managed trace files rotation prevents system from running out of free disk space

  • Remote administration and monitoring using WEB and SSH interfaces
  • Security elements

Incorporated firewall
Restricted shell
UNIX based permissions
Client-side certificate authentication for web administration

  • Alerting service

Business Implementation

PowerZaC Access Controller is designed as access point and communication concentrator providing support for:

  • Building distributed network of PowerZaC Access Controllers (installed at remote locations like bank subsidiaries, shopping malls…)

Increases communication reliability
Concentrates many client connections into single connection
Provides benefit from local calls (cost reduction)

  • Access point for PowerZaC or other hosts, mapping dial-up terminal calls to TCP/IP interface
  • Implemented as 1U rack mount server (must support full-length PCI cards) minimizing the space required by the system
  • Two network interfaces allows separating dial-in terminal network zone and the host zone

Communication Support

PowerZaC Access Controller supports several communication devices:

  • Dialogic DIVA Server PCI-X ISDN adapters

BRI line of products with 1-4 BRI connections (each supporting 2 lines)
PRI line of products (E1/T1 interface) with support for 24-30 lines
Accepts PSTN calls using asynchronous protocols (V22, V22bis, V32…), includes “fast call” support
Accepts ISDN calls using “immediate connect” data protocols (V110, X75…)
Accepts GSM calls using V110 (“immediate connect”) and V32 protocols

  • Multi-port serial adapters

Alternative for Dialogic DIVA Server adapters
Asynchronous modems accepts PSTN calls
ISDN-TA accepts ISDN and GSM calls
GSM-TA accepts GSM calls

  • Two-port Gigabit Ethernet adapters

Handles TCP/IP connections
Can support operations in two network zones

Supported hardware and OS

Preferred server configuration for PowerZaC Access Controller:
Intel based server
Operating System: Gentoo Linux
CPU: DualCore Xeon @ 2.13 GHz or better
Disk: Flash disk 8GB
ISDN: Dialogic Diva Server BRI/PRI PCI-X adapter
Ethernet: Two-port Gigabit Ethernet card

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