EMV Processing Zone

EMV Chip card presents a new generation of payment card and brings multiple advantages for their cardholders, issuers, acquirers and processing centers. The reasons for migrating to EMV are reduction of fraud, reduction of online traffic, allowing issuers to change and control the card data post-issuence.

  • Enriching existing infrastructure
  • EMV capability with minimum change
  • Protecting investment in existing system
  • Reducing level of fraud
  • Reducing online traffic and costs without compromising
  • Reducing processing costs
  • Allowing issuers to change and control the card data post-issuence

Acceptance and processing of EMV chip card transactions requires upgrade of existing systems that are used to process magnetic stripe transactions. Furthermore there is a requirement to process "old" magnetic stripe cards alongside with "new" chip cards during transition period, without any restrictions in processing either of them.
ZMS Info made migration simple, cost effective and smooth as possible with flexibility, availability, scalability and particularly the extensibility of the ZMS Info solutions, and by adding compliance to the EMV standards becomes a natural extension of the business processing logic already present in our products.
ZaC EMV processing zone as isolated processing zone carries active role in the authentication process and allows EMV upgrade of existing systems without changing their infrastructure and business logic through concepts of pre-processing and post-processing.
EMV pre-processing includes card authentication by verifying transaction cryptograms and passing successfully authenticated requests to the existing authorization system.
After the successful authorization in post-processing phase ZaC is performing issuer authentication as well as possible EMV card application management through Issuer-To-Card script processing (known as Card Lifecycle Management System).