Message Converter


  • Intel/linux Architecture
  • Message Conversion
  • Alerting Service
  • Remote Administration (web &ssh)
  • Auto-backup On Flash Disk
  • Diskless Operations
  • Supports Dial-up & Ip Enabled Terminals
  • Incorporated Firewall

Message Conversion
Message format conversion (per protocol rules)
Message content mapping and extrapolation based on a mapping rules and data manipulation trough Perl scripting
Time limited message history access

Robust operations
System operates from RAM disk with disk backup of critical elements
Flash disk eliminates the need for conventional hard disk
No database
Self-managed trace files rotation prevents system from running out of free disk space

Business Implementation
Connectivity for dialup and IP enabled terminals, network and hosts
Access control (both routing and security elements)
Message conversion
Implemented as 1U rack mount server (must support full-lenght PCI cards) minimizing the space requred by the system

Security elements
Incorporated firewall
Restricted shell
UNIX based permissions
Client-side certificate authentication for web administration

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