Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

  • Access point to support EFT POS terminals and similar devices
  • Connects one physical terminal with one or more banks (systems), applying protocol conversion as required
  • Support for processing all types of transactions by applying appropriate business logic

Communication Support

  • EFT POS terminals can be connected through PSTN, ISDN or TCP/IP connections, directly to Payment Gateway or over local (ZaC) concentrators
  • Connections with banks over TCP/IP or X25

Extensive Protocol Support

  • Authorization protocols
  • Apacs 30/40, Visa I/II, SPDH, ISO-8583 (release 1987, 1993, 2001), BIC ISO, Hypercom ISO (HPDH)
  • Easily extendable to other protocols
  • Settlement and batch upload protocols
  • Visa MDC batch upload, Apacs 40, SPDH and various ISO based settlements

Transaction Routing

  • Routing business logic
  • BIN range business logic
  • Send requests directly to banks issuers
  • Select preferred banks for processing specific card types
  • Terminal logic – select preferred bank according to location or regional key
  • Balance transactions between two or more banks according to balancing ratios set by user


  • Centralized settlement
  • Terminals are closing the batch with ZaC system
  • ZaC system is closing transactions with appropriate banks using correct format and procedure


  • System applies protocol conversion as required by implementation
  • Message reformatting between protocols
  • Business logic adaptation between terminals and host systems (differences caused by protocols or limitations in POS or banking applications)

Cryptographic Support

  • IBM 4764 PCI-X cryptographic adapter
  • FIPS 140-2 level 4
  • “Finance industry” standards and functions
  • 3DES, RSA, SHA-1…
  • Supports for different crypto schemes
  • Master/session, Apacs 40, DUKPT…


  • Current production version is based on Microsoft Windows
  • MS Windows 2000/2003 Server
  • MS SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Eicon X25 i Eicon Diva Server ISDN adapters
  • IBM-4764 cryptographic adapter
  • New production version is based on Unix like operating systems
  • AIX, HP-UX i Linux (Gentoo source code distribution) support
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 databases
  • First operating release expected Q4/2007